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The FBI's parental guide to child safety
The National Child Safety Council
Safety in the home, for children
Californian government's Cyber Safety For Children website
California State University Northridge page on safety in the context of children Information about keeping your kids safe
Guidance for manual computer cleanup
PC cleaners and their role on your home computer
Tips for erasing Internet history
Protect children from computer porn by removing inappropriate material
How to clean up unwanted videos and images on your computer
Various tools and utilities the deleting pornographic files
A summary of children's content filtering tools and techniques
Tips on getting rid of pornography on a hard drive
Preventing exposure of children to pornography
What you need to clean up undesirable files?
Protect your kids proactively with system cleanup tools
The ins and outs and cleaning or hard disk
Articles and information about protecting your child from the dangers of the Internet
More articles and information about keeping your child safe from Internet risks
Getting rid of exotic pornography such as Pok?mon style images
Review of common computer cleaning tools
Protecting your children - PC cleanup information
More information about cleaning up the PC
Still more information about how to clean up your PC
How best to permanently remove porn files
Guide to hard drive cleanup techniques
All you need to know about cleaning up your own computer
Where to start looking for tools to clean your children's hard drive
Cleaning Up With A Software Hard Drive Cleaner
How Well Does Your Hard Drive Cleaner Work?

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